About Us

Established in March 2016, with our first store in Leamington Spa, we started off as a team of 3 selling 30 bagels a day that were bought in from a local home baker each morning, being filled to order & sent out to the small amount of risk taking customers trying out a new food business on the high street. As word spread & our menu & products evolved, more & more people were coming through our doors each week. Our supplier couldn’t keep up with the demand & we began baking our own bagels in the middle of that summer.

As the business grew, we needed to grow the team to expand the in-store experience, wholesale routes & larger orders for offices & weddings & then finally, when we knew that there was scope for further growth BOOM Birmingham came along & we knew what that town was missing…. a bluesy soundtrack, the smell of fresh baked goodness & a bagel shop that you could call your own.

Since that summer we bake all of our products ourselves, from our bakery based in Redditch, 7 days a week! We now hand roll, boil & bake more than 3000 bagels, 500 doughnuts, 600 brownies & more cookies than you can shake a fist full of mixed salad leaves at, fresh each week & ship out to our stores at 6am daily!

As well as our chewy little circles of joy, our stores serve the freshest doughnuts with homemade salted caramel, chocolate ganache, curds & compotes as well as filled brownies, topped cookies & pretty damn great coffee to boot!